The Worldwound War

Adventure Continues

Adventure Log Two:

While telling your tales of adventure back at the Hungry Ogre Inn in Vauntil, you are approached by a local member of the Pathfinder Society. He has taken a great interest in the Hall of Mirrors that you claim to have discovered, and he proposed hiring your group to return there with him that he might investigate your claims.

You agreed, and set out into the Hungry Mountains once again. The journey was nearly cut short by a wyvern attack on the snowy mountain path, but you miraculously escaped the peril and found your way once again to the caverns and halls that had once been teeming with ice trolls.

In the mean time, the Pathfinder revealed to you that he was searching for a dangerous artifact. Once capable of creating a doorway into the Worldwound that demons could potentially use to enter our world with much greater ease. The artifact, that resembles an iron disk, has been missing from Absalom.

Eventually his investigations led him to the Rakshasha’s chambers where, by using several scrolls, he located a secret passage under the summoning circle. A cylinder of stone rose up from the floor, and carved in the cylinder was a doorway with stairs descending down into the darkness.



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