The Worldwound War

Into the Mountain

After discovering the staircase leading down into the mountain, the adventurers descended into an underground labyrinth simply crawling with evil. What they discovered was an armed outpost of sorts, guarded by armored cave trolls, and commanded by a demon from the pit of the abyss itself.

The terrible battle left two of your members for dead. One recovered and the other was raised by your pathfinder employer, who used one of the last scrolls in his possession to do so.

This astounding discovery had led to further questions: Who is arming these creatures, and training them? What are they doing here in the Hungry Mountains, and how can they be linked to Demonic forces so far from the Worldwound? Do they have the artifact, or are they hunting for it?

These and many more question occupy your minds as you limp back up the stairs to the “safe” chambers above.



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