The Worldwound War

More Hard Fighting

After a short recovery from the previous day’s battle with the Trolls and Demon, the players descended once again into the tunnels below, hoping that they had cleared out the denizens lurking there. That proved to other than the case, as they were beset by another demon, leading a squad of trolls.

The quick-thinking Ninja (Ivan had hired) was with you this time, and he released magical smoke into the caverns that obscured all vision but his own. While others flailed about running into walls, the Ninja delivered death to the trolls. The demon, acutely aware of the Ninja’s tactic, snatched the Ninja’s Ever-smoking Bottle and fled, smashing the item in hopes of clearing the air and leveling the playing field. But it was too late, the PC’s cut him down (without extracting any information of course), and left the tunnels quiet once again.

Based on tiny bit of information they collected so far, the PC’s believe that this area was/is to be some kind of staging area for an army. They guess that at least 400 soldiers could be barracked here. Perhaps a vanguard or elite leading force? So far the only creature the PC’s have left alive is the ogre cook, who fled down the tunnels before the carnage began.

There is more to explore… however their employer, the Pathfinder Ivan, sent the Nija back to Vauntil to report these discoveries to headquarters.



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