The Worldwound War

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
Adventure Log One:

You began in the last adventure in Vauntil, a lakeside trading trading city in southern Ustalav in the county of Caliphas. Ustilav is one of the civilized realms on the northern shores of Lake Encartas. Be sure to read up on Ustalav

You are adventures for hire, and have recently returned from a job in the Hungry Mountains, tracking down a phylactery for a Litch – though you didn’t know that. You thought the Barron Varishkov had been murdered and you were bringing a ransom treasure in exchange for his body and a scroll of resurrection. His daughter Natalia was the one who hired you. Of course she was the Litch in disguise, and he needed some flunkies to risk life and limb to go after the Rakshasa who had stolen his phylactery (and his spell book).

The Raksasha of course was attempting to sell the Litch’s soul to a demon lord – bad idea by the way – and had almost pulled it off when you showed up and foiled his plans. Then the Litch showed up and happily retrieved his phylactery, (and his spell book). The half-summoned demon lord devoured the Raksasha, and you… were free to go.

Of course the real Barron and his daughter were murdered by the Litch and a summoned Ice Troll, so it was all a ruse, and you were half-paid pawns.


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