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In the world of Golarion on the continent of Avistan there is a country on Lake Encarta called Ustilav. It is in the fractured and dark principality that much of this campaign will take place. The southern region of Ustilav lies on the shores of a great lake, Encarta, and has grown prosperous and bright with trade. But Ustilav has a dark history, and in the northern regions some of that darkness still lurks in the cold cracks of the Earth. To the far north their lies Gallowspire, a great prison to the Whispering Tyrant, a Demi-litch who had once rules all the lands with a cloak of undead evil. The counties surrounding his prison are an abandoned wasteland, filled with the remnants of dark magic and patrolled by the Paladin Knights of Lastwall.

Ustalav’s position is precarious, as it is located next to two hostile nations: the orc-inhabited Hold of Belkzen to the west and the demon-infested Worldwound to the north. It neighbours to the east are not much better. They may be human nations, but include the tyrannical land of the living god Razmiran, the constant chaos of the River Kingdoms, and barbarian kingdom of Numeria.

Considering the nature of its neighbors, it is no wonder that many of Ustalav’s inhabitants are insular and distrusting of foreigners. Only along the southwestern border does Ustalav find a friendly (if highly suspicious) neighbour, the country of Lastwall. The geography of Ustalav is hugely varied, split into thirteen different counties, each with its own unique geography. If there is one geographic feature that dominates the entire country, it is the Hungry Mountains that encapsulate an entire county in their stony reaches.

Main Page

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